Thursday, September 23, 2010

I know

Hello fellow pedestrians!
Time is short for those of us reading our asses of at school. You cant really call it "school" though. The real term is University.
I have a link for you! One of the best commercials Ive ever seen. Though it is not because of the product or filming, but because of the music.

OK. so it has been a while since Ive produced anything slightly of interest. But keep hope alive!
I´m working on a short music video that I´m going to put here before Youtube.
Until then you just have to enjoy this picture and keep away from shocksites.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

10 Rules of Engagement

Rule 1:
Dont feed the trolls!
Fore those who dont know what this means, or what trolls are, its really simple. Trolls are the people who relish in abusing other people on the internet. They will probably post something hazardous to something you posted, wanting you to defend yourself. Dont do it. You will get owned by a 100 people at once. Just let them rant.

Rule 2:
Never use your real name.
Under no circumstance use your true name. Ever. This will lead to minus hp, and epic fail. The saying goes like this: "If you hate someone; post their full name." So dont use it.

Rule 3:
If you only have one password; get at least 3 more you can circulate with. Wary the combination of symbols! Do NOT use letters only. ad 123456789(=!"#)´ and @ to the password. If you have a word or a name, be sure to write in l33t.

Rule 4:
If you are paying for something on the internet, you are probably doing something wrong.

Rule 5:
The internet is a playground. Learn the social norms, humor and trends. A place to start is failblog.

Rule 6:
Never take anything you see serious. There are no police on the internet the same way as there is in real life. So chances are that you probably will find something shocking, one time or another. If you let these things get to you, you are probably the next target of the trolls (See rule 1).

Rule 7:
If you have hotmail: Get a new mail.

Rule 8:
If you feel compelled to be a troll, know that you will encounter people who are better than you. In everythig. Even if they dont engage you in verbal abuse, they are probably hacking you. This brings us over to rule 9.

Rule 9:
Stay safe. Hackers exists in the hundreds and they hunt in packs. Crime on the internet is more common than you would believe. If you are using Windows; get Mac. If you are using Mac; get fire wall. If you ARE a hacker; there is allways someone better than you.

Rule 10:
If you want to be anonymous: Google proxy-servers, and use internet-cafes. But know that beeing anonymous is not a reason to be a totall retard. It will bite you in the ass, faster that you can press Ctrl-Alt-Del.