Friday, November 19, 2010

Out of sight

News 0.1

I have three things on the agenda for today

Our project in Virtual communities (Soc 140) came in one of the Norwegian newspapers today! Here is the link if you wish to see the whole article: WIN!
As I have already told some of my readers, the project is quite simple; if we get more views on our video on YouTube than our professor, we get an A, though there are some rules like... no trolls, no cheating using refresh-programs, no babies, no animals, no pr0n, no FARGASNHEIM... You are now probably wondering what "fargasnheim" is... all you need to know at this moment is that it is still disputed among theorists.
I only hope that this gets us more views.

The Standford - Berkeley game is tomorrow, and I´m joining in the fun on the stadium! The weather forecast says its going to be rainy though, so the pictures are probably going to be a little gray and sad, and bereft of warmth... But with a lot of cheering people! An update is pending after tomorrow.

Astronomers have for the first time discovered a planet in the Milky Way that came from another galaxy. The planet, which has a mass of at least 1.25 Jupiters, orbits an elderly star that was ripped from a small satellite galaxy some 6 to 9 billion years ago.
To read more on this awesome piece of news visit; Science News!

And can someone please explain to me what Pedobear is doing in Spaceworld- Norway? And selling children's-movies at that?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

God what a life!

Coffee is the only other form of liquid apart from holy water that repels evil. Fact from the "Guide of Life".

While drinking my second americano today, I stumbled upon an interesting piece of music. It made me groove like a crazy person. The Cafe was filled with other patrons, and I sat alone in a corner and swayed back and forth with the perplexing rhythm.
The reaction was minimal though. I think that most people overlook what they think is uncomfortable.
- That's kind of vierd says you, then look down into your book says I.
It´s not like I can control peoples behavior, but sometimes I like to think I can.

Here is the song I was listening too!

Like when I´m at the gargantuan library at campus and there is one person 5 tables away that fell asleep 2 hours ago and is now drooling and snoring all over the place, I imagine myself poking them with a 4 yard long stick from where I´m sitting. And the vierd thing is that they awake as I think about the blunt object poking them in the eye!
Works every single time. Maby its because I´m at the wrong university! Maby I really should have gone to Hogwarts! 

This picture does little credit to its hugeness.

But swordiously. That would have been kinda neat.

I hope you are having a nice week! I´m stuck working on this ass-hat research paper with an imagination of a 10 year old.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Info and the Wobblies

My fellow pedestrians!
How was your weekend? Good I trust?

Today is monday, and I dont really have anything to add today.
I figured that I´m going to write something at least once per week, starting from now, with this post of general information.
It has been a little random up until now, but know that from now on you can expect something every monday.

In addition: I have been working on a theme for the blog. It has been something between a personal log of happenings and interests up until now, and I figure that I will continue the trend but add news into the equation.
I will try to have a little of all three items on the menu per week, but as I am known to be a person of varying degree of dicipline, it will probably only be one of the themes.
Notice that the blog description has expanded (Top of the blog), as it helps you have a clear overview of what this blog aspires to be.
So what you can expect this blog to contain from now are items from the following list:
  • Pictures of events and travels
  • Stories from events and travels
  • Ideas and interests
  • Inputs on theological or philosophical questions
  • References to sites or people who are doing something extraordinary
  • News or review of articles that I believe are of interest or should be of interest to most of you
  • Discussions
Notice that a code of conduct have popped up at the page description above. Please have a quick look at it before adding comments or discussion threads. 

As it is I´m still in the US, traveling and studying, so I will try to log as much of my comings and goings into the blog as a lot of the readers of the blog are people who are wondering how it is down here. But fear not! This will not become one of those personal diary blogs that you find on the web.

With that I leave you with an old verse from a workers union from the US (IWW):

Are you poor, forlorn and hungry?
Are there lots of things you lack?
Is your life made up of misery?
Then dump the bosses off your back.
Are your clothes all patched and tattered?
Are you living in a shack?
Would you have your troubles scattered?
Then dump the bosses off your back.

                               - John Brill, IWW Songbook
And people told me that the left never existed in the US...

And the song of the week is: