Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Greece: The Economic badass of Europe

I woke up today to the nice smell of hot coffee and a steady stream of news from the TV. Before I went to work though, I could not help but overhear a report about the happenings in Greece. If you have payed attention you would know that the great and bountiful nation of the ancient philosophers have made a boo boo when it comes to their economy since the crack in the market. You see... the Greek people didn´t want to pay taxes... or go to work... or pay their loans... and their government lied to the EU council about their amount of revenue... so they went bankrupt. And now their people are howling and moaning about their dilemma and refuses to cut back in spending.
As you well might have guessed, the rest of the EU nations were pretty pissed off at their lazy-ass attitude from the start, and what they are seeing now is not helping Greece´s reputation around the world neither. I mean... even Americans pay their taxes to some degree. But what we are seeing in that slosh-pool of laziness is just mind-blowing.

Let me explain the extension of my raging with an example: One of the great uppers by being a Greek employee before the crack was the amount of bonuses they got, like: Bonus for coming to work. Bonus for staying home sick. Bonus while at work. Bonus for working over hours. Bonus for eating bananas while not wearing pants, etc.

I have no problems with bonuses. On the contrary. I love bonuses for work well done. But what they had in Greece was just borderline retarded. If you PAY someone just for getting to work on time, you effectively make them lazy. You might THINK that you are getting them to work harder, but as we see now: no one in that hot-tempered country is working. They are yelling in the streets and calling that corrupt government of theirs unsatisfactory. And by all means... they might be right. What pisses me off is the fact that no one of the general public of retards are taking responsibility for the way their society has gone down the bloody drain. Instead they refuse to see the truth of the situation and are blaming the EU for not giving them more money so they can continue to spend like badass monkeys high on helium.


I`m not very nice, I know. The fact is that my dream has always been to live like a king while not doing any work for it. Contrary to my dreamworld of naked ladies and crowns though, I have to reside in the real world... the real world of working two jobs while I study and paying taxes at 18%-32% every single month.
You might think that is a lot, but then again I get free healthcare, free education, financial help to pay for classes, easy accessible loans and a huge kiss on the ass from the head of state just for being me in return. But I don´t get payed simply for dragging my huge ass to work.

YARR! gief moneys noews! gtfo!

whatever he is saying + 1

I´ll make you a deal. I bet I can change my diet in accord with the new Greek cut-back package. I´ll suffer with them! I´ll drop some kg´s just to show them how much I care about their honorable plight. In return the Greek people who happen to read this has to swear to go to work like every other joe in Europe. And drink a healthy amount of coffee every day (Don´t worry. Its cheap and has zero calories.)

Here is the recent article from the guardian about Greece´s development.