Friday, February 18, 2011


Electronica is a genre directly come out of jazz. Its harmonious traits blends with the chaos of the different rhythm's and makes a divergence from order to balance, better than any other genre.
Other types of music has tried and failed to capture the perfect balance it has mastered. Music types like dubstep have recently become better at mimicking its awesomeness, yet because of its youth as been unable to do so, so far.
It is perfection in its blend between the knowing and unwanted.

Note: Ignore the dude at the end.

Now stfu, give me a smoke, and have a win-filled day.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Whenever I can´t think its mainly because of an idea of some sort. My ideas usually involves fiction so sometimes I write them down. It never gets beyond the first couple of pages though. The longest so far is on about 21-22 pages, but thats not for a blog... with the format all thin and irritating. 

Here is one I wrote down after I heard a lecture from Elif Safak. Its more of a description... or a very short story about a place... if you will.



The thing about the city that made it vibrant was not the constant rain. The thing that made it vibrant was, as some people would put it, its colors.
With a population raging far above 15 million people from various countries and cultures, its inhabitants could, oddly enough, be seen disregarding their differences at every street-corner.
As large cities goes, this was one of the greatest. The human mind is one of both chaos and rationality, which was clear in the architecture, style and calm of the city. It was said that it began as a small ghetto outside a small castle. Then it grew, swallowed the castle and made the land its own. Now the people, the city and the land had merged as one.
The people inhabiting its proper was of the proud kind. Not the arrogant kind, but the kind that is aware of its priorities, its values and heritage. Since the population was as diverse as populations come, the values tended to split at some points, but the core of the mass-mentality was unanimous. Their power as a city dwelling population was their trust in one another. This is what made them different from any other city. It was as if this huge city had taken care to keep the village alive throughout its development. Newcomers were welcomed and integrated into its magical streets and seen as old friends by their new neighbors. 
The metropolis was placed up, around and upon two narrow mountains. Bridges was spread out between them, joining the two city proper´s at various altitudes. Narrow streets made of cobble-stone could be seen from the sea, snaking their way up the two mountains between thin and tall buildings. Shops of all sorts, from baker to fruit stall, were hard at work selling their products from first light, and music could be heard everywhere as night fell upon it, as the restaurant´s, clubs and cafes opened their business with the sinking sun.
Tapestries hung between houses, street after street, their many colors lighting up the mood of those below, and the smell of roasted fish, fresh baked bread and music was in the air making a walk down the twisting roads a new experience even for the eldest of its inhabitants.
Its name was Nomash, and it was a masterpiece of human ingenuity and culture. But the rain had been pouring for two months now, and seemed endless...

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Future

What would the future look like if you could choose the outcome?
Maybe it would have flying cars (god think of the pollution problem), or maybe it would have cities in the sky. Maybe the human race would take to space and roam around, nomads ones more, from planet to planet, in huge domed space-ships. Maybe we would encounter planets hospitable enough for settlement, only with weaker gravity and huge bird-like creatures we could mount and travle around cazms inhabited by other races.
Maybe it would be something like this...

Maybe you are creative and think up what people would look like...

Or maybe you come up with whole societies, their dangers, their complexity and their beautuy...

And maybe we would encounter intelligence, the friendly kind and not the chaotic kind we see in movies. Maybe humans evolve further and become something more, something more... calm...

For the record: I have not painted or drawn any of these. All the pictures shown here are either from the gallery of Jason Chan or Coolvibe.
I simply love how fantasy art and sci-fi has been merging over the last couple of years. People are really outdoing themselves and I relish in the beauty they create for us, their audience.
As I neither have the talent or the skill to ever acomplish anything close to this, all I can to is prais their work.
I can write though... Thats something, but pale compared to this, as these pictures tell stories about worlds in themselves, without ever scribling down a word of it. They leave it up to the viewer to fanatsize... and thats why I love it.

Nice monday everyone.