Saturday, December 4, 2010


Do you know what makes me both sad, scared and sceptical? When I stumble upon angry people on the nets, who have a camera, a connection to us and a computer. They have to piss me off royally though, which leads me to the usage of the word "Flargasnheim".
  •  Flargasnheim: From the original language of the internet, is a description of feeling(s) a person (& thing/animal) gets when it do not know how else to describe it, show them, and/or hide them. The individual usually has to be provoked in some manner in order to have the right to use the word in its full meaning.              - From "The Handbook for N00bs" Vol 2.0
Flargasnheim is the word you use when you are feeling too many negative feelings at once, so what you really want to do is scream, but instead call upon the Flargasn and/or Heim. You can use the word both as a description, verb, war-cry or curse. 

I usually get to use this word A LOT about people who both fascinate me and makes me so angry I want to cry a tear for humanity. Don't worry. these people are probably fictional anyway... That is to say; they are online and therefor not in the physical realm of the living.
In the spirit of D&D, one might even say that they live on another plane of existence. Here is a couple of links to the people I speak of:
Silly, silly people.

Rant ended.
So what do you flargasnheimer on?

Video unrelated to rant. It was so awesome I had to post it here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December = Snow for some

So we are in that period of the year again! Huzzah! Not that I really enjoy this period. Its stressful, cold, dark, exams are coming up, and everyone is waiting for the same paycheck, which means that everyone is broke which means no coffee and no smokes...
But TI´S a season to be jolly! Don´t get me wrong. I love Christmas. Who would, right? Apart from those who dont celebrate Christmas... Though I still dont believe they hate it...
Anyway. In the spirit of everything that is cool and sweet and christmassy, I have found this video for you to enjoy:

I´m personally wondering if I´m going to ad this to my permanent Christmas list. Do you have something like that? I don´t either, but I figured that I´m going to make one this year!
Here are some bands so far: Sufjan Stevens, Pomplamoose.... That's it. If you think I´m missing some, please leave a comment.

Apart from entertaining myself with Christmas thoughts, I have this huge paper I am supposed to deliver in 15 days in addition to getting my final exam delivered to me tomorrow...
The paper is actually pretty interesting. I´m writing about the Internet and how it potentially impact our lives. I have astounded myself several times so far in what I have found out.
Yeah! Its going to be a fantastic two weeks!
I love pressure but hate stress! Bigger contradiction than that is impossible to find on this side of the sun.
I hope you have a fantastic beginning of the holidays! And if you are able, I urge you to give the next homeless person you see a cup of coffee. They probably need it more than you do.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tnx for giefing

Did you have a family get-together?
Did you gorge until you exceeded your limitations?
Do you need new pants?
Or more money?
Then you probably had a good thanks giving.

As a foreigner I don´t understand the thanks giving festivities. I understand the gestures, but I know next to nothing about its origins and the like... For me it is like they made up an extra Christmas as if they needed another excuse to eat themselves silly.
I like it.
And I want to adopt it.

I had a great thanks giving with my friends. We/the hosts made huge amounts of food where the rest of us could gorge until bursting-point.
None of us are American though, so we just had to improvise what they do as they sit down around the table.
It ended with us having a round of "what we are thankful for" where half the answers involved the food.
Here are a couple of pictures from our great evening. I wanted to put out a video also, but my judgement told me better of it.
Lots of happy and hungry people, joined together with a single philosophy in common; too consume or consume less?

Great wine and great company is the key to every good dinner party.

And for some unknown reason there were two in our group who actually could play the piano. Pretty awesome, though I missed the singing.

Cozy and inviting. I just had do ad this picture.

 And when we all had eaten to the point of no return, we just relaxed and enjoyed the company.

What is up with Black Friday, though?
For those of you who do not know what that is, it is the day after thanks giving. On the day of thanks giving, the American market has a pause from sale and consumption, so they have invented a day of "half prices" on everything, just too earn in what they lost the day before. 
My experience with it was rather... balls. 
I got stuck in a line like an Englishman after about 30 min in a store, and stood there for almost an hour just staring into the back of the flee-infested head of the fat lady in front of me.
When I finally made it to the counter (with the single item I had picked up) the lady behind it gave me a big, white, fake smile and told me that the sale was over. It ended at 10am, and refused to give me slack even though I had been in the line since 08:45.
So what did I do?
I spat in her face!
No I didn´t. I wish I had though. No... I bought the item for full price like the good, white little fat boy that I am.

So after the chaos down town San Fransisco, hung over and tired from the lack of sleep from the night before, we threw us on a bus heading up town. This was a great idea.

Thankfully waiting for the buss after the chaos of the shopping-spree

We stumbled down the street and came over one of the greatest cafes I have ever been in. This is the tea cup my friend got.
The hostess of the cafe learned my name, and called me when the coffee was ready. She was sweet and talkative in a good kind of way. Like; I felt comfortable that she knew my name-kind of way.

Question! Which of these looks the most delicious? 

Like a painting

This is a Norwegian joke. We laughed good and hearty when we saw it.