About the Idea

  • Can we make a soft material out of glass so it can replace plastic?
  • Is it possible to make a type of metal that can reflect light in a way that makes it shine brighter than the original light source is?
  • Is it possible to run on water?
  • What is the thought behind the aquatic theory?
  • In what ways does the internet revolutionize our lives?
  • Are all Christians conservative?
  • What is the difference between populism and radicalism?
  • Why do most people have a strong need to believe in something greater than themselves, be it God or nature? 
  • Is religion and science counterparts or something that can coexist? 
  • What do we get if we divide by zero?
  • Is it possible to beat the internet?

These are only a few of the questions that tend to pop up in my head. Some of them are trivial, some are easy to answer, though all of them represent the idea behind this blog: That the questions matter more than the answers.