Friday, March 18, 2011

War: Libya, Japan, UN

Is it only me that asks myself; wtf?

Sorry about my straight forward outburst, but it seems to me that with all the catastrophes happening around the world, especially with Japan in its current predicament, that we don´t need a war on our hands as well.
The UN has a tendency to talk to much when it comes to matters of relative little significance but with huge amounts of people suffering. With Libya they have shown a totally new form of immaturity though. For once they take "sudden" action but at the cost of losing their legitimacy as a peace-keeping organization. Comon! Don´t hide behind the "protection of civilian lives". Its all about the stabilizing of oil prices... Again!
While Japan burns some of the Arabian countries takes the slip of media coverage as a chance to launch military help in Gadhafi´s favor. The UN responds with bullying through a No-Fly-Zone, which can easily be understood as another word for; Go-To-War-With-Our-Blessing.
I for one, am tired of being treated as a reflected pile of crap by the media in these matters. While the world is watching people fight for their lives in Japan, the biggest military powers of the world makes ready to go to war against a Hussein look-a-like. Are they going to find him in a hole as well?!

Fact of the matter is that the UN has a bad tendency to make their voice heard over all others. They are the manifestation of modernization theory.

Some general points of interest:
  • Gadhafi is a dictator and a despot: fact.
  • Roughly half of Libya wants democracy: relative. 
  • The western countries seems to think democracy is the same everywhere: funny & sad. 
  • Is it?: no. 
  • Does western countries have the right to go in and force peace? : obviously they do.
  • What is their real motivation?: money.
Would have thought that the UN would have a slightly better perspective of things.

The middle east needs another renaissance if you ask me. But implementing it through forceful - international action is close to despotic in it self, on a whole new level. We did it once, and that country is STILL technically at war with itself! Lets do the same with Libya! GOGOGO!

Something has to be done, but there is a slight difference of believing change will come by itself (like it has done all around the world throughout history) and taking forceful measures.
There is no excuse for war. Ever.

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The media has already taken sides on everything that's happening. For great Justice!
  • They´ve decided that nuclear power is unsafe because they recon earthquakes of 9.0 as relatively likely to happen everywhere around the world, and have taken up the righteous fight of pointing blaming fingers. Fair enough.
  • People are ignorant enough to not bother to read anything about nuclear safety before they jump to CNN´s close-to "genius" reasoning, and claim it as their own observation. Goodie.
Stupidity and the tea-party movement are going to be the undoing of us all.

Here is an idea: 
Instead of focusing on how a nuclear reactor is destabilized by a quake the size of a small atom-bomb and how "strange" that is, you could focus on how brilliant the Japanese people are handling the situation.
I´m talking about the Japanese as a whole, both civil and state. They have shown the world that it is possible to maintain ones sanity and humanity in a situation beyond panic. Although, I have my doubts that the rest of us would maintain that level of control if faced with the same catastrophe.

Maybe they cound need some help? ...UN?

If you want information I urge you to turn on the news about Libya or Japan. Hell. Turn on Fox. They have the answers for you. 


Or not.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Who controls the Internet

So I live in a country, indirectly a part of the EU. We are not directly under the EU, but have a separate deal with them which gives us basically the same rights, and trade-deals as the countries who actually are a part of the union. The only noteworthy difference is that we have control over specific parts of our internal and external market, and at the same time don´t get a vote in the EU Parliament.

With this quick summary of the situation it has to be noted that we still fall under many of the EU-regulatory legislation's. Short summary: we get trade but lose the ability to control some of our laws.
Yet some of the laws/deals spewed out of the EU, are left to the specific country whether to have or let go.
The Computer Regulatory Directive is one of them (that's what I call it in English anyway... what do you know... the official name is; The Data Retention Directive).

The (DLD) "Datalagringsdirektivet" or Computer Retention Directive, is a new system designed to save some of the information that we produce when utilizing the internet. When I say some, I really mean most. It involves everything from the use of mobile phones to the observation of IP-activity.
The campaign against the directive describes it as having a man stand beside your phone or computer and taking notes on who you are calling, and when you are calling them. Although this is a crude way to describe it because the actual monitoring of these kinds of information is close to impossible and it is therefore needed an extreme technological capacity not to mention a hard-drive the size of Japan.
That´s a lot of info...

The main reason, and the only reason I can see as the most logical as to why the EU let this "close-to-fascist" directive go through is the "crime" motive. They want to look in on peoples business in order to stop people from illegal activity. Before I go on, a couple of notes;
  • FIRST: The "legality" of the internet is a relative term as to there is no international legal system as of yet, and it is therefore impossible if two countries has  separate sets of legal systems concerning online-activity. File-sharing may be illegal in one country, but not in another, etc... if the IP is located in one of those countries the person involved can´t be prosecuted in the other. The internet goes beyond borders. That's one of the magical tricks of it. Its impossible in this day and age to legalize or make things illegal on the internet. No one is in control of it.
  •  SECOND: The people on the internet who are capable of terrorizing others are the ones in control. These people don´t work for any government and are always a step ahead of the law if they so wish. Even if you have complete control of the information going in and out of a country, they can bypass it easy as sex. They don´t even have to hack anyone in order to make a living hell out of a business´s workday. The normal way of doing this is through "Distributed Denial of Service"- attacks. See my explanation of DDoS from an earlier post, but the short summary is that its a form of online-blackmail where the attacker tells a site or a business that if it does not give X-amount $, they will effectively shut down their server. Funny thing is that its almost impossible to have any real statistics over how regularly these attacks occur because the businesses targeted will lose more in admitting they have a security-problem, than they would gain in using resources on finding the attackers. Even if you know where the IP´s are coming from, there are still 20.000 of them, and chances are that the guy directing/remote-controlling them aren´t even among the computers involved. Not to mention the loss of market-value. So whats the use?

So the only reason as to why you should put up a system overlooking the(some of the) information going through the internet, is the fight against child porn. Which in itself should be reason enough to set up a "virtual net"... which is impossible to argue against. Still... we should ask ourselves if its a legitimate enough of a reason when you think about the other implications the directive imply.
Yes. Child pornography is an abomination to the human race, and yes, everyone who says different are probably on their way to jail or should be. But have we thought on the other, larger implication involved if we choose to destroy it in this fashion?
Alternative 1: The internet is user-driven and controlled, so in the words of Mr TK; "we don´t want that shit here!" Most servers are privately owned, and since paedophilia is about the ONLY common ground in the justice systems world wide where everyone agree... all people have to do is call up the server owner and simply tell them; "hey... do you know what´s on your server?" and it will be removed. That's what happening in a perfect world anyway.
This however, is the only real reason I see, strong enough to argue in favor of the Direktive. The latest rumor from the Guardian is about an international-coordinated arrestation and outing of the worlds largest pedo online-ring as of yet, where over 70. 000 IP´s were registered and 184 people arrested all over the world. Though... they did it without a system overlooking our online-activity. They used regular bad-ass police-awesomeness.

On the other hand, it may be because of the "terrorist" threat and its implications through a world wide information network such as the internet. All I have to say to this is that if we DO go through with this... they win.
PS: I do not count Wikileaks as a terror site/organisation although it may dismay some of you reading this.
If terrorists are going to make us spy on our own people they have done what their original goal was in the first place. Which is scare the living crap out of us and destroy our society at its roots.

The fact of the matter is that a system like the DLD can easily be abused even if the original thought was to fight crime. I hate to do this to my fellow radicals, but I have to site Lenin in a bad way here:
"Power is good, control is better."
Though Lenin himself never became part of the huge man-killing machine which was the Soviet, he certainly helped developing it and its immence paranoia... not to mention the DDR-era.

Ergo: Stop trying to control what you cannot, will not, and probably will lose votes in controlling. Hell.. even wikipedia agrees to this. Its on the internet... its got to be true.