Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Putting crap in perspective

The mind is obviously a complex thing, giving us the ability to think about several things at one time. I have used up my effective quota of things to think about it seems.
So here is a list of all the impossible things I have to have in mind simultaneously:
  1. The time limit of exams and paper due-dates
  2. My research question
  3. Case studies (there is two of them)
  4. Theoretical framework and its relevance
  5. A discussion that should, in theory, shed light on the totality of the paper
  6. News and new material
  7. Other fields and other exams not related to the ones I´m working on
In addition there is a social section of the stuff I have to worry about, most of which I can´t help but think about.
  1. Organizational work
  2. Work
  3. The usual social interaction a.k.a: drinking beer and talking sh*t with people
  4. Showing up at events that somehow I came to agree to earlier, and now have forgotten about
  5. The vacation coming up: what to do, what to do?
  6. Certain individuals 
  7. Concerts, barbeques and other parties...
  8. Several young people who have decided to have their "confirmations" at the same time, thus making me inadvertably pissing off an occational aunt or uncle if I´m not showing up. 
  9. Birthdays
  10. The people who I pissed off by not showing up to something themselves, or me not caring enough to tell them of my absense before an event. (Social capital thus going down)
  11. Food (I have to have nurishment sometimes... though this is highly unimportant to me at the time. Coffee is enough.
  12. Money---> Not getting any from work related to issues with contracts
So. By deviding this by zero, we get two conclusions:
  • That my brain isnt capable to think of more than 19 things at one time
  • Getting things in perspective is good for you... Although I realize that this was probably most for my personal benefit, and I have wasted the time of whoever is reading this. 
One interesting question pops up though: Do I really care about any of all this? Only time will tell I guess.
    In any case: Thank you for reading? Here is a link and a video clip to make up for the motivational-post to myself.

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    The filter bubble

    This is both relevant to my degree and pissing me off at the same time. A kind of laaaame A.I that screws up our information-flow.

    Its kind of a irritating thought that the utilities that are made to make our lives easier are actually blocking us from potential news and the like.