Thursday, February 24, 2011



I wanted you to see this lecture by Bill Gates. Not that I idealize the man in any particular way... apart from his innovative personality. But I figured that this area within the energy debate is (at least in my country) not focused on enough. 
I will go ahead and point out that I´m not either pro or against nuclear power even though it seems like the pro side of me is winning ground... before I saw this lecture by Mr. Gates.

It is important to have an understanding of both sides of any debate before taking a firm stand. The worst kind of debate is one where both sides are unable to answered questions directed to their opposite side. Like, If I asked a vegetarian: "Why should I eat meat?" and he/she is immediately answering "you shouldn´t" without even trying to put her/himself within the opposite sides point of view.
That goes for any kind of debate. And this is what is lacking in my society at the moment; a greater understanding of both sides of the energy debate... the only thing they all agree on is that we have to be rid of oil. And at the same moment they throw nuclear power on the scrap-yard based on Tsjernobyl, the only reactor in history to melt down fully and affecting the environment. Seen that the technology used in Tsjernobyl is 24 years old, we can only guess that the reactors used (everywhere in the world) today is of a different, better, more secure, sort.
There are more cons like; "what about the aftermath, the waste?". Well... This is a fundamental problem... right now. Its only a matter of time before it wont be one. 
Focusing on a constructive solution, like developing technology that can use the waste to make new energy (its called recycling), is better than not even thinking about the subject. 
If the technology isn´t here today... we should focus on getting it here faster. And that's the one big problem of any environmental debate today. 
I can almost hear them crying through the walls of my imaginary debate-room; "GET RID OF OIL! Co2 IS DANGEROUS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! PANDAS!"
Well... based on the fact that the world is firstly driven by the economy, you should focus on a way of getting a renewable energy-source on the market that will force out oil, and not whine. Idiots.
I promise you this: The day we find a energy source that is more effective, less costly, environmental friendly, and more plentiful than oil, that is the same day the world stops using oil. 
So what do we have? nothing right now, but in my naive mind there is nuclear power... the only effective solution for a steadily increasing demand for energy (and it will only increase) without spewing out Co2 like a drunk on drugs.

Note: Even though I lean toward nuclear power right now does not mean I figure that it is a better alternative than furthering research in renewable energy. The sun gives us 10. 000 times more power each year than the total world consumption of power.... Research in solar panels is PROBABLY the best thing ever... but its just a though.

Point is: Its better to have a constructive conversation where we deliver solutions, than blind rambling by angry people.

Due to recent events I felt I had to update this post a bit.
As some of you may already know, a reacor in Japan is having problems.
I have this to say on the matter.

Monday, February 21, 2011


For those of you out there who are members of the desert-generation, and therefore found yourself fortunate enough to be blessed with a NS64 as a 12 year old, can maybe remember a couple of games that stuck to your memory from this green meadow of your life.
One of these games for me was Zelda... or rather the Ocarina of Time.
Hello. We are the same person.

I´m not talking about the whole game series though. Only the two games developed to Nintendo 64: Ocarina of time and Majoras Mask.

Simple game description:
Ocarina of Time was the greatest game of its kind in its glory days. Game play vise its a brilliant combination between sandbox and story mode gaming. It has puzzles, riddles, quests, alternate story lines which borders on the insane and focuses it all down into a fantastic tale. It challenges your control skills as well as your IQ, as much of the game is located in "temples" where you have to solve a series of obstacles in order to get through. 
As all good stories begin, this also has a princess... who naturally is named Zelda. Your character is a kid called Link (or Dick, or Bjollfrid, or whatever you want him to be called) and its your job to save her.
I realize now that my description of the game does it no justice, so mu suggestion to you is for you to try it out yourself. There are plenty of NS64 simulators for PC, though I´ve yet to find one usable for mac. 
My main focus ever since I discovered Baldurs Gate and Zelda has been story though. And this game has it all.
Om nom nom nom
When it comes to the other games:
I´m not saying the previous games are bad, its just that they were to... old, when I started playing. Its been years since I played now, but I still haven't found a game that tops the NS series.
The newer games are brilliantly random on the awesome-scale though. For those of you who know what I´m talking about, I´m certain you would agree when I say that Wind Walker was boorish compared to its predecessors. And I´ve quickly played through the Twilight Princess but that was even worse... without going into too much detail.
It may be simply because its the same game as the two pioneers... and I hate reruns.
Lets face it. Thats Nintendo´s greatest flaw. They lack imagination so they just run the same old games over and over. They have done it to Mario and they´ve done it to Zelda. The new releases are just the old games with slightly altered story lines and new Navi-rippoff´s. God... the new Zelda game coming out to DS is Link with trains. nuff said.

Majoras Mask
I have a moon and I´m not afraid to use it.
Is as Ocarina of Time, equally awesome. It plays on the same lines as the first but lacked the boring parts of the later reruns. In this game though you get to play with time and the other races a lot more, as every mask you pick up have special powers which turns you into other people with certain special attributes. This makes the riddles of the games both harder and more exiting as you have to swap between the different races in quick succession in order to solve them.
The story is slightly different from the other games, as this drops out the "save the princess or die"-bit totally. Zelda herself isn't part of the game... and that´s awesome.

So. Lets have a minute silence as we will never see their like again. At least not from Nintendo.

What would you do if you met this guy in the woods?
Next post pending when I feel like it. Likely to be about the Middle East.