Saturday, February 12, 2011

A walk for the drunk

Have you ever walked down a street... wait, let me re-fraze that. Have you ever been walking in the middle of the night down a street that is so cold that your gloved hands are stiff?
Well... Imagine that this street is packed with drunk, horny people, all broke and screaming at each other over the sound of the booming music from the club they are standing in front of.
Now imagine that all but the most inexperienced ones of them wear the same dull, drawn expression after years of toiling and doing the same thing over and over. Sad, right? Well... you are probably one of them, or have been at some point in time, or wish you could have been. Hell... I´m one of them.
Everyone wants a rutine, right? Thats mine. Only, I never get drunk enough not to notice the sullen sadness of it all.
The thing that bugs me though isn´t the drunkards running around in minus 20 degrees calling out their mating-call like a moose in autom, nonono, its all the people wearing BF´s, or BP(translated to english: Bear Pussys). Its a kind of hat you would normally wear when its so cold that its the only logical thing to wear. The reason for the name Bear Pussy, originates from the military who thought it a natural, and proper, name for a hat that you wrap around your head, and which makes you sweat like an atheist in church, with fur all over.

Got to love it. I´ve used it plenty of times... in order to save my life from the biting cold. Its REALLY comfortable and makes you remember the time you spent in your mothers womb.
Anyway. Its "in" now.
Imagine a guy coming onto the tram and seeing every second girl around him sporting one of these. Then thinking: "Wow, its gotta be cold". then noticing that every one of them lack the pleasure of pants... Yup. Sporting nothing more than a thin jacket and this hat, they prowl around the streets, seeking pray to bump on the head and drag home.
I almost laughed in a random girls face when I noticed her awesome insecureness... almost. Didn´t though. What I did was standing there and enjoy the view. Because, believe it or not, its hot.

Poor girl. I was packed in wool from head to ass and was still freezing it off, and there was she; so eager to please the drunkards of the nigh-life, at the cost of her health.

As a member of the morons of the night-life, I have one message to all of you: Your services is no longer required, please get dressed... and drop the stupid-ass hat.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Appeal for getting through

After lots of speculation and discussion with my alter ego; too-much-information-man, I have reached the conclusion that spotify increases the life quality of anyone using, it with 3 points.
When using the spectrum of 1-10 where 1 is: very bad, and 10 is GOD-LIKE, I will venture forth and say that spotify will increase your scale with 3, no matter where you put yourself in the ranking.
In other words... its pretty awesome.
It just shows what the future will look like. Innovation everyone! The music business has understood that for it to survive it has to go online.
And I´m not talking i-Tunes or Pandora. Spotify (and most likely other programs similar to it) has taken it a step further.

For those of you who do not know what it is I´ll explain as shortly as I can.
Its a music program that you download, where all (almost all... The Beatles and a few other artists are in legal disputes at the moment so what you find instead are tribute bands at the moment) artists, bands and songs are available at any time through streaming, only that you get them instantly and are able to personalize everything around them, through making lists and sharing them with your face-friends.
It makes it both easy to share music with others and makes it easyer finding new artists that are similar to those you already like.

There are, however, a few snags that I find irritating. One: in order to get better quality on the tracs than i-Tunes and pandora, you have to pay a monthly fee. The fee increases in regards to quality and mobility (there is a spotify app, etc)... Most people don´t bother with paying, but they get (in addition to the poorer quality) commercials every 20-30 min or so.
I´m one of the suckers who pays the lowest possible price in order to get a little better quality and be rid of the commercials, and I´m eagerly awaiting the day when it will be free.
Which leads me over to what I wanted to talk about.

The music bussiness has to adapt or go under. Several music stores has already stopped selling CD´s, or are downsizing their repartuar because they understand that by upping their sales they have to go online.
People are downloading anyway. It bodes bad for the music regime in America. The artists themselves are adapting as it seems. Probably not all, but the new ones are. They are starting publishing themselves, through youtube or other medias that are free and spread the word quicker than any record-company ever would.

So here is my take on it:
The music business is loosing money. The artists are making money (through online purchases and tours). The programs that are delivering music online delivers mostly bad quality, but they are getting better, and they are earning money on it... legaly.
America does not allow spotify or other programs similar to it because it goes against maybe 1000 of their 2 million copyright laws.
So if you are unlucky enough to find yourself in the US, you probably won´t get spotify (they have closed the servers there... I tried... you have to use a proxy and then find a friend in Europe who can log onto your account for you ever 14th day)
Here are the countries where spotify work so far!

Anyway. I hope this wasnt to much of a hype of the program. I did this out of my own interest in it... since I´ve used something between 50 and 100 hours of my life on it.
Right now I´m listening to Bugge Wesseltoft and enjoying life. Hope you are too! - Enjoying life that is.

Removed adsense after seeing a Church of Scientology add here. Damn, Google! Don´t be greedy!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is everyone a narcissist?

Unlike most people in the western hemisphere of the world, I have come to the conclusion that, no, not all people are totally self-centered.
It has become close to a rule to think that we, as individuals, think first of ourselves, then if we are extremely generous, others. But do not confuse our sense of self preservation with narcissism. Its not the same. In some ways we can even say that our societies are built on people acting out of their own interest, bettering their own living standards. But at the same time narcissism, which is a breath away from being the same as the need of self preservation, has not brought any fruits innovation-vise as far as I know.

To be fair I have to look at narcissism as two concepts in the same expression.
  1. One can be seen as "positive"; in the sense that we understand ourselves as acting out of our persona rather than the environment that surrounds us. When we act to change our surroundings and it is because something is "wrong" in the sense that the norms(or morals) we have been brought up with does not apply/occur to/in a specific situation, we are actually acting to preserve our surroundings rather than ourselves. The "self" in this scenario is the motivator, but not the object of individuals attention.
  2. The other way to see narcissism is in the "negative" sense. I would say this occurs when the individual sees himself out of the environment that surrounds it, and by doing so makes the environment a part of oneself. When we look at it like this, the persona "becomes" the environment and makes everything else "less important".
Note: I did no research into the term "narcissism" before writing this. If something is "wrong" with my understanding of the term, please make a mental note, and have a nice day.

So is everyone a narcissist? No, and yes. In some ways the ego fills our very existence, but I would venture out on a limb and say that the ego becomes obliterated when faced with certain situations.
I remember seeing an episode of Friends when I was little, where the sub plot of one of the episodes were Joey´s thesis; "that there was no selfless deed", and Phoebe´s attempt to prove him wrong. The moral of the episode was that "no there isn´t a selfless deed". I remember thinking already then: whatthefwhat? and went on to liberate my pet mouse out of spite. And yes, any pet is both important and furiously loved by any young boy.
I see now that I may have set loose a horde of rodents on our neighbor, because i think it was pregnant... but the mouse was free anyway, to roam the back yard of our neighbor, and possibly his kitchen.

The point is that there are cases (this was a poor example) when people do things to preserve other things than their self, at the cost of and not at the boon of the ego.

No. I´m not thinking of love. Or rather... I´m not thinking of relationships.
I´ve recently been flooded with friends problems where they moan about their predicament. Most of their problems are based on the most basic of all problems: that they are focusing on them selves, and not listening to their partner. "Why can´t he see that I need him to listen?" "Why isn´t he calling me?" "Why am I the only one who cares in this relationship?" bladiblabla. I´ve heard it all. Twice.
Some guys would disagree with me (but those guys don´t know sh*t) when I say that its all about compromise, giving and getting, where as they think its either all about him, or if he´s a slipper; all about her. If the other part isn´t returning the efforts of the other partner it´s because of one out of two things: Either he/she doen´t care enough, in which case the relationship is doomed, or he/she doesn´t get the concept of giving and getting... in which case the relationship is doomed. Mystery solved.
I promise you, there are no other situation with more ego, than a relationship. But that isn´t love... not really. If they had really loved each other, they would have seen the pleasure of making each other happy, and stopped thinking about their own needs. Their needs would have become the other ones needs... and so on.


Society applauds people who do selfless deeds. It honors them and makes them examples for others to follow in their footsteps. But isn´t that a little sad in itself? Should we really need to applaud actions that should have been mundain and common?

End of rant.