Sunday, September 26, 2010

The neverending topic

So here I am. Tired, nauseous, sticky and thirsty.
The time is something between really late and really early, and I find myself drifting in and out of consciousness. As you probably have guessed, yes, I am sick.

So what does a tired mind do at the middle of the night? Well. It ponders the big things. It wonders about life, as the stomach tries to commit seppuku, and tries to figure out other ways to think about death as a good thing.
Obviously, death is not really appealing to someone as young as myself, So my tired mind tries to break the dark spell by forcing its thoughts over upon lighter subjects. Like Harry Potter. Or Pineaple. And by doing so it comes stumbling upon the most basic or all subjects; God.
This subject is probably not the basic of all subjects for ALL minds, mind you, but for THIS mind it is a subject well rehearsed.
It begins with recalling conversations it has had with other minds. Conversations usually ending with "All who believe in a creator are idiots and has no place in the modern world."
This is a illogical sentiment for this mind. By disclaiming all posibility of some sort of creator, one sets oneself over some of the smartest minds in history... Like Albert Einstein, or Darwin, or Stephen Hawking, all of whom never said such a silly thing as; "God cannot exist". Only the ignorant mind pretends to be all-knowing. But do not get me wrong. This problem is evident at all sides of any debate. The most frustrating of all minds are the ones who refuses to listen to reason. Like Creationist-minds.
To think that it is possible for any human being to be able to refuse logic. To read the bible as a true, to the word, text is just plain wrong. This is why: There are TWO stories about the garden of eden, one where Man is created first, one where Man is created last. Why are there two stories about the garden of eden? Well. Most theologists and priests believe there are two, because it is ment to be read as a metaphor, as a story, as in: we are not ment to know how the world was created, just run with it. It does not matter. This is not the point of the bible. The point of the bible is to give a recollection about the life of Jesus Christ, not how the world started. The issue about the "start" should be trivial for any christian to say the least. What matters is the "goal". Yes... I just said that. And that is why this mind does not care to think about religion and science as two opposite sides. After all. All of the western worlds most known scientists through history has been religious. Not to mention the monks in Chez republic who created Beer.

The question of God remains though. Like; what is God? or; is he/she/it good or evil? or; are we alone? or; what is the meaning of life?
One might say that: There are no meaning to life.
"Reason" itself is a social construction, like everything else in society, but what remains to explain is the question itself. Why do all minds have a fundamental need to understand their reason for being here? Why is the question; Who am I? imprinted in our brain as if something irritating put its huge irritating finger in a spot that cant be reached in the back of our heads.
Some might try to explain it as "This is clearly a side effect of evolution" or something sinister like that... something that does not really explain anything at all, just the "how" but not the "why". Because if this basic need/instinct is something conjured up by evolution, it is clearly the most illogical thing EVER.
The thing about evolution is: "fight of the fittest"... the ability to gain the most effective biological traits to continue living in the natural environment and help the race expand... Well... this "need" or instinct or whatever, is clearly something that has killed millions over the 30 000 years of human history. For all kinds of reasons. like; you cant wear a hat on sunday! or: Baahl needs human sacrifices.
By my way of thinking, this need to understand our existence should have died a long time ago, by the laws of evolution.  If anything it has held the human race back.
But it remains.
Is it because it is put there intentionally by the Creator? or is it just a mishap, a wrong turn that nature made just to fuck us up?
Whatever the reason it does not really matter.
What matters is getting food in the morning and feeling good about being who we are and doing some good for the people in close vicinity.
This subject is obviously not over.
But my tired and nauseous mind feels like sleeping.