Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The art of not saying a word

When it comes down to what we really want to say, it usually doesn't get said.
That's my thesis anyway.
We care too much about people you see. Their feelings towards us reflect the person we are. So who we really are afraid to disappoint is ourselves. Is´t that kind of weird?
Some people lack this inhibitor that makes up conscience, or restraint if you will. They are usually viewed as socially awkward people, but I would want to see them as selfless rather than socially unconscious. It just makes sense if you think of norms as a social construction and nothing more. Then the question becomes something more like; Who am I to give attributes to an individual other than myself?
My point is this; we are afraid of saying what we really want to say to people, because we are more afraid of the reflection we will see of ourselves rather than the actual reaction we would get.
It gets in the way of everything.
In the way of progress. Of love. Of apology. Of humility. Of expression. Of truth. Our egos are actually blocking the view of a lot some times. That's why I have come to see most of interaction between people as selfish. Not because we are greedy. But rather because we need to feel and see ourselves as something we like and admire. Perhaps it´s a good thing in most circumstances. But not when the choice to stay silent is made through the strength of our cowardice. Sometimes the situation demands harsh words to be spoken even though it is at the cost of social standing and the degrading of your reflection.

Which leads me over to my original thought thread.

I´m going to write a paper on something called Anonymous; What it is, how it and if it organizes, if it has an ideology or main agenda, if it can be categorized as a social movement, and whether the Internet is a barrier used to become less concerned with the reflection of the "self".
The internet itself is a huge area for a human geographer such as myself; just the theory of how we as humans react to it is fascinating.
Some may even say that Anonymous is the result of us using the internet. And they are certainly not afraid to say what they feel.

The song of the week: Mike Milosh - The City

Oh... And here is a demotivator I thought was funny.

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