Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Next! And a night of fun.

So how is life?
Bored yet?
Feeling like a rabbit trapped in a young lads pants?
Working up your troll skillz?
Do not fear! V01D/Beornegard is here!

This past weekend was Halloween for some of us. Primarily for those in the US, since the only other country that has a holiday similar to Halloween is Mexico... I believe... and I don't think theirs is on the same date.
But anyway! Here is a few delightful photos and a movie I made from my night out in the streets of San Fran SISCO, with my friends.

The good. The bad. And Jonas.

He played the role as a thirsty captive, just escaped from Azkaban! He played his role to perfection and the fullest, just not the part of being a prisoner from Azkaban... I just made that up. 

NINJA!1!11! ... and his bride.
 So... I was walking along the street, minding my own awesome business when a freaking NINJA appeared out of nowhere! I swear I felt like pooping my pants, but was so shocked that I didnt think of it.
It may however, explain the nastylooking shuriken still sticking out of my back though.

Wilma: with the look and the glasses but without the hungry dog and hippies.
She played the role of the all-knowing Wilma from Scooby Doo, only with a ice-cool groove of coolness added to her attributes.

He was the funny/sad/broke/angry/crazy/happy clown all children fear and dread.
Personaly I am still not very fond of clowns. This guy is awesome though.

And oh. I found Waldo... On a bike. He was quickly gone again though. Elusive as he is known to be...

The cookie-monster stalked us for nearly 5 mins, running around us and freaking us out. Especially when his eyes started dangling.

The skipper! Creds for having such a good costume! The sunflower in the back has no chance!

Now here are two clowns. Do you see the resemblance? The only difference is that I (to the left) have put less makeup on.

Oh. And Hanna Montana joined us for the full night! See extensive interview in the movie... see how articulated she is? haha! But seriously! This girl is great fun!

The everlasting couple. The blue alien and penguin; off to roam the world of Pandora.

Hurray! Nice! Four!...

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