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Terry Jones

Well... now we are screwed... royally. 
Before going in to the Rant of Monday I will waste a couple of sentences in explaining a couple of fundamental things you have to know... about religion. In some ways its like conflicting factions of politics... even though its really not... People tend to get personal when confronted with an opposing side because it goes deeper than simple discussion. So know that when you are arguing with a religious person (or an anti-religious person, because you know, they are people too) he or she can get ugly at some point because at the end it isn´t about writings and text, but the individual´s inner most belief... which is not easily defended and not to be tampered with.

So with that said; Today´s post is about Terry Jones. The "Pastor" who burned the holy Qur'an.
Before reading onward: My analysis of his actions comes at the end of the rant.

There is something fundamentally wrong... or right, about this picture.

No. Wait. That's an understatement.
I don´t even know how to begin ranting about the idiocy that is him.
I´ll make a list so its more fun and organized.

1. Christianity:
It is to be understood that there are some things in the bible that you can´t overlook and translate another way than it is written. Terry Jones has managed to do this with one of the few bits of information I until recently believed untouchable. I´m here thinking of the "golden rule": you shall do onto others what you want others to do onto you.
Out of my considerable understanding of Christianity, me myself being one of its followers, I have to say that Jones has taken one of its fundaments and scrapped it on a huge pile of crap like only a red-neck American can.
As a religion entering the modern age I can say that Christianity is a religion of peace... one who’s name has now been plowed from behind yet again by a media hungry asshole. 
Let me make this perfectly clear.
If Mr. Jones was a member of the christian belief he would not have done what he did.
I here presume that you as reader know a little about the douche and enough about Christianity to know that Jesus, the dude with the good shampoo, would not have done that.
But I´m speaking out of term. You should know, even if you consider yourself un-religious, that there are other aspects to christianity than the conservative bigots and creationists. Indeed most (if not all) of christian communities disagrees with his actions... even the Vatican. But what I´m spesifically thinking of are the liberal christians, who are more down to earth in general.

With that said, not only does Mr. Jones have a poor understanding of his own religion, but of Islam as well!
The Bible is not holy. We keep it on our night-stands and besides our used condoms because we recognize that it is a work of man- inspired by God and may be led by the great dude by an extent, but not holy.
The muslims DO on the other hand, believe that the Qur'an, is. And as I mentioned before: when you mess with that kind of belief, you attack the most personal. No wonder they are pissed.

They did what, you say? Well THAT was unexpected...

2. Politics:
Who the hell does he think he is? Here Obama, the man in black himself, comes forth and tells him that all hell is going to rain down on him if he burns the book, and Mr. Jones believes himself to be above international relations and above the president of the United States.
what. the. hell.
As diplomats around the globe tries to establish some semblance of peace with the Muslim countries, not to mention soldiers dying for that "peace" (not that I´m saying that the Afghan war is leading to peace... because its not), Mr. Jones here goes ahead and undermines them all. He, in what I believe is his hut, in Florida, thinks he has the right to do and say whatever he wish.
If you now are thinking: "but the american constitution, blablabla, freedom of speech, blabla." you are naive. Freedom of speech is an illusion. There are simply some things that are wrong to do. The founding fathers never considered people to become so stupid as this guy, and if they had known that human idiocy could go that far, I think they would have re-written the damned act.
Fact is that he is f***ing with discussions and dealings where he has no right, no place and absolutely no understanding of. If I were Obama I would have caught his funky mustache in a revolving door and ripped it off before turning him over to one of the preliminary schools so he could learn some f***ing manners.
Can´t he see that what he did gets us NO WHERE?! If anything it puts us back 50 steps, not to mention the lives of UN officials that were lost in Afghanistan because of his burning! Blood of the people who are working to build bridges is on HIS hands. But he is probably to arrogant of a douche, to occupied with burning holy-books, to notice!
For further reading: Link

3. The good name of Terry Jones:

Terry Jones is not ever ever... ever to be confused with Terence Graham Parry Jones who is his exact opposite in every way, from awesomeness to righteousness... to shining self-irony, which is their biggest difference altogether: while Mr. "Imawfullyhandsome" makes fun of religious people (and religion) because of all their (our) gibberish and loud-mouthed problems, the other Jones A.K.A "Imitchinginmymustache" is a parody of himself and making it perfectly clear the first Mr Jones was right in his humorous parodies. 

He has the right idea. As do all the Monty-Python cast. Some people are just funny and in need of critique.

But sadly they share the same name. The difference is that while the pastor holds this:
 to his legacy, the other Terry Jones holds this:

Shut up and bring me a bucket, idiot.

Suffice to say that the second Terry is both more handsome and more mature.

To be fair I have to see the pastors actions in an objective light for a moment. 
Obviously his actions are born out of actions taken by Muslims in the past. This makes him angry, but not right. He, and many others, may think that this makes them right, but if they do, they have to find something else to hide behind than christian belief... because you know... love thy neighbor and all.
What I´m saying is that the whole west is tired of the ongoing war against terror, the wars, the lives lost and the paranoia, but while we (the developed world) are focusing on finding a solution, some take matters into their own hands without thinking, and puts fuel on the ongoing fire of hate. 
Again: anger does not make anyone right. 

America (while acknowledging that there are more intelligent people than the idiots living there) may have another way of thinking than Europeans and Asians and Africans and Latin-Americans and Australians, but whatever they might think; government are probably more capable of handling international relations than any individual. So if you have to base whatever basis of reasoning into your religion, call it something else than Christianity... call it "bombabomb" or something, and stop pretending to be governed by righteous actions instead of the real reason, which is hurt, and anger.

To tell you the truth, I feel bad for the pastor. He is guided by instincts more than anything else. And now the whole international community can´t stand his face. Indeed, if I were him I would have caved some time ago, so at least that is to his credit. Still doesn´t make him right though.

Terry Jones is not into the peace bit of his religion... He wears a GUN for Christ's sake... which is another religion than Christianity. He is a pastor of hate with no regard to the well being of neither troops, people or international relation.

Rant and quote end.
oh, and: what

Hello there. I´m plowing social boundaries through humor. What are you doing?

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