Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bread in the morning

Hello fellow anonymous people out there on teh internets.
This is actually the first post I´m making in english, so, like... huzzaah! or something.

I have a couple of proclamations.

Random shit is everywhere on the internet.

It aint allways pretty.

How much crap can someone find in 10 min?
When i say crap, i mean crap... everything from pics to forums to videos on youtube. Dont worry about following links. They will probably be SFW.
Anyway. This is what I came up with:

Right now you are thinking; "Well that, sir, isnt very much... 4 pics? in 10 mins?" Well... No. It really isnt. But what am I supposed to do... Save every single picture? That would take for EvEr!

So here is the list of the sites I visited.


That last one is in norwegian... And she is hurting our good reputation. Someone please stop her. She is wasting tube-space!

Its amazing how many sites you can bouce into in just 10 min. Remember that I didnt have a clue where to start when I began. All these are both my regular surf sites and random sites i visited for the first time. Stumbleupon was used a couple of times.

Anyway. This was my rant for the evening.
Have a good one!

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