Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vampires = Suck.

With this post I just wanted to say: Vampires are not cool. They were never ment to be cool. They were ment to be narcissistic, cruel, bloodsucking, immun to normal bullets, cant-enter-a-door-uninvited, cant-cross-a-river, no-reflection-in-the-mirror, onion-hating, weak, sunlight-burning, hungry, no-swimming-in-deap-water, regenerating, sad people/animals.
So thank you America! Or should I say; thank you Hollywood! For destroying the vampire myth and making it horny and boring. The first thing you did wrong was making them immun to sunlight, the second was to make them eat animals, like every other joe. The only thing you DID get right is the hypnotic-goodlooking trait. You know... the one that Dracula had. But whyyyy did you make them good?! To make a vampire care about a human is like making a midget seem tall; It just aint right.
So thank you. Now they have fans and a ring to make them immun to sunlight. You might as well make them religious as well, so they can fully commit to their life as normal, boring, fat Frank and Christy. You have missed the most essential trait of all! ALL VAMPIRES ARE EVIL! They are weak and they are evil! End.

This is actually not what I intended to write. This is a test to se if the video I put underneath shows up on the blog. It didn´t work. Just so you know; I don´t care about vampires. Hollywood sucks at the moment though.
Grr. I´ve got to fix this... Here is the link to my youtube channel if it doesent work:

There we go. Note to self: Mac is not rly compatable with Blogger. Enjoy Old Hippie Guy! Totally unrelated to anything you might think of.

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Kirby said...

Note to self: Mac is VERY compatable with Blogger - you just dont have the skills ;D Tutoring with Miss Kirby is avaliable.
I have to agree with you though, Dracula=Bram Stoker´s Dracula, NOT the creepy, stalkerish, glittering world of Edward Cullen -.-