Friday, October 8, 2010

One thing I like.

Here is one thing I like about the US public space:
They have paper-sheets to cower their toilett seats with at practicly every public toilette. The fact that they fill the bowl all the way up to the rim with water, so that you allways get a back-splash and therefore all the same bacteria from there, is not a problem apparently, as long as you don´t share the same ass-print as the previous user.
Therefore I decided to rate it once and for all... public toilettes that is.

Usual rate system: scale 1-10.

Norway: 4.
Allways dirty. Small chance of back-splash. Self-helpe system if/when no paper available. Poetry, or filthy words on walls.

Germany: 8.
Almost always clean. No chance of back-splash due to innovative mechanisms. Robot arm to wipe bowl for you before usage. Multi-dry possibilities.

Chez-republic 5.
No public toilettes available. No robotic arm. Dirty. Beer in close vicinity. Poetry on walls. When in train: hole in floor.

US: 6.
Back splash, inevitable even though paper in bowl pre-poop. Paper-cower available. Clean. No poetry on walls. Water tuching butt if unlucky.

Spain: 4.
Dirty. Spanish poetry, due to lack of linguistic education, on walls. Razor-like paper. Almost always a sound-proof cubicle made of rock and sand. No air condition may lead to some sweating.

UK: 2.
Costs money. Dirty with sludge on floor. Poetry on walls. Resistable, even when in critical condition.

I like to think that every guy or gal out there has some opinion about these sort of things. Not that it is a particular interest of anyone... that would be disturbing...
These are just things I recall, and not fact for every toilette out there, obviously. I am open to popular opinion or experiences you want to share about your toilette endeavours. If you don´t do it for yourself, do it for the LoLs.

Have a nice public-space-day!

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