Thursday, October 14, 2010


I´m pretty much in the middle of my midterms now, and there is a LOT to do, remember, do over, read, explain, complain about and think about, which leads me over to my rant of the day: HURRAY!
This sir was just to awesome not to take a picture of! Not related.
To study is like having a long dream while you sleepwalk. You are semi conscious half the time and the other half you are trying to drink as much coffee as your liver can take. Mine is definitely a dark solemn black by now.
While among all the blur that is your average studies day, you suddenly wake up one morning and start to remember a load of stuff that happened while you were an oozing zombie-reader. Its almost like a hangover, only you are getting your brain working again, and not regretting the multitude of drinks.
Waking up from the student reading-rush can be quite exhilarating, though very confusing.

Let me show you what I mean. Here is something of a chaos movie I put together to the pleasure of myself... and YOU Internet, YOU! 
Here is the Link... Enjoy       Night/Day/

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Maria Stokke said...

Peter! Jeg liker bloggen din! Og filosofisk filmsnutt med deilig musikk:) Virker som du lever livet ihvertfall. Vi savner deg her hjemme! Klem Maria!