Monday, October 18, 2010

Thus Far in the US

I´ve gotten some information this past week, most of it about the internet, about its massiveness and its divide.
You see. It is generallt thought that the internet is HUGE, that it expands beyond boundaries and explodes through cultural differences... which it does, but what is mostly overlooked is the fact that that it really doesnt, and here is why:
- Most of the users of internet are based in developed countries (Based on how many web pages are made and where: Japan & USA).
- 60% of the users of internet are 35 years or older.
- 70% of the users has some kind of education.
The fact that the developing countries are on the rise "internet"-vise, is almost invisible in the shadow of the already "established" users. So the internet does not represent the general public of planet earth, as some may think.
I can recommend a book called "Technology in Our Time" edited by Laura Robinson for those of you who want to read more.
But enough about that.
What I really wanted to write about today is what i have learned thus far in my period here in the US!
I love to make lists of things, so enjoy!

1. How to make a burrito.
2. Mango and turkey is a pretty good mix. (Who knew, right?!)
3. The internet is based upon the idea of sharing. (Shrewd communists, making us like their ideology indirectly! Hah!)
4. How to use and make something out of basic movie editing software.
5. That food poisoning is not cool.
6. That Youtube is the larges media site ever and that there is actually other things on it apart from music videos and amateur movies.
7. That the crossover from PC to Mac is like going from a country at war to a utopia where everyone makes love and agree with everything you ever want to say or do... not that this is a commercial or anything...
8. That live commedy is better than recorded.
9. That coffie is best served warm, but they actually serve it cold if you for some demonic reason want it so. Hence "ice-coffie" got a whole new meaning.
10. That quiddich (Rompeldunk) is something people have made into a real sport with brooms and everything... yet without the flying.
11. That "Rat-tail" (Rottehale) is still in for some people.
12. That the best way to read is when you have access to the internet at the same time (at least for me).
13. That California is more radical/liberal than the rest of the US in general.
14. That poor people here really ARE poor and not necessarily addicts... like in my home country.
15. That Godwins law says: on a long enough timeline, someone will eventually call someone else a nazi in a discussion thread.
16. I learned what an "Otaku" is. (Me being one makes this a little embarrassing)
17. Macro is something outside WoW as well.
18. That Twitter is like Facebook, only smaller, more compact and less informative. (Thats right... I´ve never had a Twitter account until now. Internet: 1 - Me: Zero)
19. That Californian girls are, if not more attractive than north-european, more open than most of north-europeans.
20. That America, contrary to north europe, has held on to the culture of "just chilling out".

The list gets updated as I remember more stuff.

... So that is pretty much what I have learned so far. The moral here is; never stop learning. What did YOU learn the past 2 months? Something interesting? Something boring? Something that isnt even remotely interesting but really funny if you see it in the right light?
Leave a comment, and have a nice week!

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