Wednesday, November 17, 2010

God what a life!

Coffee is the only other form of liquid apart from holy water that repels evil. Fact from the "Guide of Life".

While drinking my second americano today, I stumbled upon an interesting piece of music. It made me groove like a crazy person. The Cafe was filled with other patrons, and I sat alone in a corner and swayed back and forth with the perplexing rhythm.
The reaction was minimal though. I think that most people overlook what they think is uncomfortable.
- That's kind of vierd says you, then look down into your book says I.
It´s not like I can control peoples behavior, but sometimes I like to think I can.

Here is the song I was listening too!

Like when I´m at the gargantuan library at campus and there is one person 5 tables away that fell asleep 2 hours ago and is now drooling and snoring all over the place, I imagine myself poking them with a 4 yard long stick from where I´m sitting. And the vierd thing is that they awake as I think about the blunt object poking them in the eye!
Works every single time. Maby its because I´m at the wrong university! Maby I really should have gone to Hogwarts! 

This picture does little credit to its hugeness.

But swordiously. That would have been kinda neat.

I hope you are having a nice week! I´m stuck working on this ass-hat research paper with an imagination of a 10 year old.


Anonymous said...

You're stupid and vierd.

V01D said...

Haha! Dani! Dont hide behind the anonymous mask!