Friday, November 19, 2010

News 0.1

I have three things on the agenda for today

Our project in Virtual communities (Soc 140) came in one of the Norwegian newspapers today! Here is the link if you wish to see the whole article: WIN!
As I have already told some of my readers, the project is quite simple; if we get more views on our video on YouTube than our professor, we get an A, though there are some rules like... no trolls, no cheating using refresh-programs, no babies, no animals, no pr0n, no FARGASNHEIM... You are now probably wondering what "fargasnheim" is... all you need to know at this moment is that it is still disputed among theorists.
I only hope that this gets us more views.

The Standford - Berkeley game is tomorrow, and I´m joining in the fun on the stadium! The weather forecast says its going to be rainy though, so the pictures are probably going to be a little gray and sad, and bereft of warmth... But with a lot of cheering people! An update is pending after tomorrow.

Astronomers have for the first time discovered a planet in the Milky Way that came from another galaxy. The planet, which has a mass of at least 1.25 Jupiters, orbits an elderly star that was ripped from a small satellite galaxy some 6 to 9 billion years ago.
To read more on this awesome piece of news visit; Science News!

And can someone please explain to me what Pedobear is doing in Spaceworld- Norway? And selling children's-movies at that?

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