Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pomplamoose, And the New Publishing Ways.

There is something happening to the music and movie industry.
They are having problems. Big ones... primarily because they are getting new competition. From EVERYONE!
We live in a society where the possibility to publish everything ourselves is possible! Its called "cutting out the middle man", where publishers, producers, managers, movie/recording team, studio and everything else are taken out of the loop. The artists have the option and possibility to do it themselves! This is new to the media industry. Through channels like youtube, myspace, blogs, etc, they can promote their own stuff and get fans faster, cheaper, and world wide at the same time!

It makes me both happy and hopeful. The internet is taking an otherwise very expensive world in a direction that I think and believe we need. The best thing is that it is working. Talented people are getting rewarded for their efforts!
Here are some examples of self-publishing; A group called Pomplamoose. Check them out on youtube here or see an awesome cover below!
The second video is a song Jack Conte has made, who is one of the two artists in Pomplamoose.


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