Monday, November 8, 2010

Worlds, Everyone and Education

A good friend of mine linked me a couple of videos last night, and as much as I dislike admitting anything, I have to agree that these were really fascinating vids.

The first one can be translated differently from person to person, but for me it symbolizes how the internet is both making the world a smaller, yet larger place.

The second is a really good animation posted on Kitsune Noir, a designer/artist-blogg by a user who obviously was really fascinated by a lecture about how the current education system is flawed. The lecture is held by Sir Ken Robinson, a man knighted in 2003 for deeds done for education.

The lecture made me think back on when I was a child, never wanting to do my math homework and always exited when a music class was about to begin. For me it was kind of an eye-opener because when I think back on my own educational experience, I fit into his example. Not that I ever was diagnosed with ADHD, but then again, I was never tested. If I was 10 years old today and got tested, I probably would have had it though. Always high on sugar...
Never the less! Sir Ken has a point.
So watch, have a nice moody monday, and Enjoy!

WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo.

Song of the Week: King Kooba - Fooling myself

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