Sunday, December 12, 2010

Game over! Meet Weezy Waiter!

For those of you who have been reading my posts the last week, know that I have been writing like crazy.
Here is a quick recap for those who haven´t kept up to date with my awesomeness:
Ive been writing two papers at once, one rather large and one rather short.
You will be glad to  know that I´ve finished both, printed them out and neatly put them in the right categorical order in a file.
I´m going to turn them in tomorrow, which leaves me with all of this day to just much about in hyperspace. Its so good to be done with those papers. It´s like saving the world from a giant- fire breathing tomato. A huge weight lifted off my shoulders!

Here is a picture of how happy I am right now:

Like I said. A huge weight... gone!
Which gives me time to brows around the inter-web, checking facebook and using hours and hours on youtube. That reminds me! I have found a "new" youtuber who is absolutely AWESOME! Hes not actually new, its just me who´s late to the game...
He has around 430 posts on youtube, where all of which are totally random and hilarious. He calls himself Weezy Waiter, and his main focus throughout his videos are on Coffee, Beards, Clones, an evil Eagle, and... news? Check out this link to one of his posts, or the link above to his channel.

Anyway. I hope your days are going good. I´ve only got about two weeks left in the United States, so my next post is probably going to be about how I´m saying goodbye to Berkeley. Going to Miami though! Looking forward to that! Then it´s back to Neverland! Yay!

Thats right... I live in Neverland.
And as always: All your base are belong to us.

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