Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Julian Smith comes for dinner when In at a Cafe

So I´m back at the coffee place.
You can probably guess that I´m not currently working on any paper... All though I should.
No. You will be pleased to know that I finished the huge pile of "PAPERWORK" last night. 8000 words all neatly lined up.... which makes a dilemma for me. Should I read through it all? It will probably take me the better part of an hour to do so... so I probably wont. I´m done! So to the 7th hell with the grammar.

So all I have left to do now is a rather small home-examination; a paper of no more than 5 pages... EASY living after the monster I just pooped out in less than a week, right? No.
The theme is on something I have yet to read about; Media theory and politics and how they are related. So yeah.. gotta read 80-100 pages in two days before smooshing something down on paper.

So, with that in though, I just had to put up a video to keep you entertained in the meanwhile!
Julian Smith is an up-and-coming movie maker and director. So far all his work has been great, so I urge you to check out his blog; KABOOOM!

As always I hope your life and whatever you do with it, is going smoothly!

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