Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hard work, or Hardly work?

Have you ever had so much to do that you don´t even notice how much you are doing any more?
Ok, let me explain more closely.
You have SO much you should have done, that the work you already have done seems like nothing, but it really is a lot. Have you ever had that experience?

This is officially day number 5 of the "Week Extreme".
For a student, this is translatable to: "The Last week of the Semester" (TLS), The week of Reckoning, or TMCW, also known as; Too Much Coffee Week.
Yes. We who are studying are really having a blast. The really unfunny part of the TLS is that it isn't really a week, but more like three weeks.

Me for one have so far written 7004 words, or more correctly; 42 372 characters (no kidding). And I still have at least 3000 words left to write before the week goes over to become next week. Because next week is the week when the exams are supposed to be delivered, or taken, or whatever you want to say... Its not a lot we can do abut it though. Other than to write like a demon possessed by another demon... on meth...

I have come to a point in my latest paper, where I am not able to write any more. Its a shame, because I´m only lacking 1000 words in order to be done with it.
Thats why I´m writing here instead, using my time as if it is a sort of liquid I can spill all over myself, and not being able to clean up because it is red, and I am wearing a white T-shirt.
Screw this paper! And screw the liquidized- red- time!

I´m gonna have another coffee.

As I´m sitting here, frustrated and disgusted over myself, I might as well check out my stats.
wow... Thank you Poland, and Canada!

As some of you may know, if you are a classic nerd like myself, The new expansion to WoW has come out in both Europe and America! Cataclysm is here! As if I really care because I can´t play, can I?! I wouldnt do it if I could either... I have this problem that I want to focus on things that actually can get me somewhere in the world, at the moment. There is nothing wrong with trying it out though! I probably will steal my friends account when I come back home, just to try it out.

In the meanwhile, I have to finish this paper....

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