Tuesday, January 11, 2011

EXTREME relaxing

Is it possible to be relaxing at the same time as thinking and doing a hundred different things at one time?
Its not that I´m a stressful or stressed out person, on the contrary. I´m one of those people who have a hard time focusing whenever stressed, which naturally leads to me becoming UN-stressed..... if that makes any sense to you. If it doesn´t; all you have to know is that that's how it works.
I see other people being stressed though. And I can´t quite figure out how they ever have time for relaxation? So many of them are running for their lives that they forget how to breath!
Obviously I have people in my inner social ring, emitting this behaviour... and don´t get me wrong, this is not a talk about how we never relax in our society any more. Allthough we have forgotten how to pray and meditate, here in the west.

Just wanted to ask that question. I´m off to a concert!

Here is the song I want to leave with you!

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