Thursday, January 13, 2011

To wonder what it is like fly? 
When people ask me about why I choose to keep a faith I seldom answer. Its a very personal question, as intimate as if someone would walk in on you taking a dump, or when someone abruptly shakes you awake from a heavy dream. It pisses you off and you want them gone... in a way. Being asked a question about faith is not like that, but being asked a question about your personal reasoning as to why one believes in something other then ones self, it can become a tad irritating.
Do not get me wrong. You should be able to defend your religion, and not just simply believe because some other family members believe. 
In my case you get used to discuss beliefs and religion... especially when all your friends either don´t care or are simply too angry at religion to make any lasting sense.
My theory as to why people fuss so much about religion, especially the ones at the believing side of the debate, is that the debate touches a very intimate part of people. When a stranger starts poking you with a stick you tend to, either try to get away, or hit the guy with a bigger stick. Thats why people get angry whenever religion is on the debating table, no matter if they have faith or not.
So the remedy here is quite simple. Learn how to debate before prodding a random person with a 12ft stick.... And try to keep off the religious subject if you want to become friends. Because lets face it. Religion really pisses people off.
Thats why you will never find (in real life... this is the internets after all) me opening a debate about it either... maybe joining one without question! But never starting one.

If you care to know, I´ll explain quite easily to you what faith is.
It is the same as letting yourself fall from a cliff with arms and legs bound but not knowing for certain if it is a mattress, a huge creamy cake or absolutely nothing thats going to catch your fall.
Thats why its both frustrating, exhilarating and impossibly hard to understand for someone else than the individual person taking the final step over the edge.
That kind of stupidity and illogical behavior pisses off most of us I would believe.
But we do it anyway... in the billions.

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