Saturday, February 12, 2011

A walk for the drunk

Have you ever walked down a street... wait, let me re-fraze that. Have you ever been walking in the middle of the night down a street that is so cold that your gloved hands are stiff?
Well... Imagine that this street is packed with drunk, horny people, all broke and screaming at each other over the sound of the booming music from the club they are standing in front of.
Now imagine that all but the most inexperienced ones of them wear the same dull, drawn expression after years of toiling and doing the same thing over and over. Sad, right? Well... you are probably one of them, or have been at some point in time, or wish you could have been. Hell... I´m one of them.
Everyone wants a rutine, right? Thats mine. Only, I never get drunk enough not to notice the sullen sadness of it all.
The thing that bugs me though isn´t the drunkards running around in minus 20 degrees calling out their mating-call like a moose in autom, nonono, its all the people wearing BF´s, or BP(translated to english: Bear Pussys). Its a kind of hat you would normally wear when its so cold that its the only logical thing to wear. The reason for the name Bear Pussy, originates from the military who thought it a natural, and proper, name for a hat that you wrap around your head, and which makes you sweat like an atheist in church, with fur all over.

Got to love it. I´ve used it plenty of times... in order to save my life from the biting cold. Its REALLY comfortable and makes you remember the time you spent in your mothers womb.
Anyway. Its "in" now.
Imagine a guy coming onto the tram and seeing every second girl around him sporting one of these. Then thinking: "Wow, its gotta be cold". then noticing that every one of them lack the pleasure of pants... Yup. Sporting nothing more than a thin jacket and this hat, they prowl around the streets, seeking pray to bump on the head and drag home.
I almost laughed in a random girls face when I noticed her awesome insecureness... almost. Didn´t though. What I did was standing there and enjoy the view. Because, believe it or not, its hot.

Poor girl. I was packed in wool from head to ass and was still freezing it off, and there was she; so eager to please the drunkards of the nigh-life, at the cost of her health.

As a member of the morons of the night-life, I have one message to all of you: Your services is no longer required, please get dressed... and drop the stupid-ass hat.


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