Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December = Snow for some

So we are in that period of the year again! Huzzah! Not that I really enjoy this period. Its stressful, cold, dark, exams are coming up, and everyone is waiting for the same paycheck, which means that everyone is broke which means no coffee and no smokes...
But TI´S a season to be jolly! Don´t get me wrong. I love Christmas. Who would, right? Apart from those who dont celebrate Christmas... Though I still dont believe they hate it...
Anyway. In the spirit of everything that is cool and sweet and christmassy, I have found this video for you to enjoy:

I´m personally wondering if I´m going to ad this to my permanent Christmas list. Do you have something like that? I don´t either, but I figured that I´m going to make one this year!
Here are some bands so far: Sufjan Stevens, Pomplamoose.... That's it. If you think I´m missing some, please leave a comment.

Apart from entertaining myself with Christmas thoughts, I have this huge paper I am supposed to deliver in 15 days in addition to getting my final exam delivered to me tomorrow...
The paper is actually pretty interesting. I´m writing about the Internet and how it potentially impact our lives. I have astounded myself several times so far in what I have found out.
Yeah! Its going to be a fantastic two weeks!
I love pressure but hate stress! Bigger contradiction than that is impossible to find on this side of the sun.
I hope you have a fantastic beginning of the holidays! And if you are able, I urge you to give the next homeless person you see a cup of coffee. They probably need it more than you do.


Anonymous said...

Jeeeeej, christmas! :)
So how do the internet impact our lives? More than what's good for us, I'd guess..?
I've read a lot of your blog, and it makes me miss you bigtime!

Klem fra Tine! :)

V01D said...
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V01D said...

Well.. THAT is an understatement! I would say, after having read quite a bit about how the internet impacts us, from a sociological perspective, that it does in the same sense of how the alphabet does/did when it arived.

Looking forward to seeing you too!
- V