Saturday, December 4, 2010


Do you know what makes me both sad, scared and sceptical? When I stumble upon angry people on the nets, who have a camera, a connection to us and a computer. They have to piss me off royally though, which leads me to the usage of the word "Flargasnheim".
  •  Flargasnheim: From the original language of the internet, is a description of feeling(s) a person (& thing/animal) gets when it do not know how else to describe it, show them, and/or hide them. The individual usually has to be provoked in some manner in order to have the right to use the word in its full meaning.              - From "The Handbook for N00bs" Vol 2.0
Flargasnheim is the word you use when you are feeling too many negative feelings at once, so what you really want to do is scream, but instead call upon the Flargasn and/or Heim. You can use the word both as a description, verb, war-cry or curse. 

I usually get to use this word A LOT about people who both fascinate me and makes me so angry I want to cry a tear for humanity. Don't worry. these people are probably fictional anyway... That is to say; they are online and therefor not in the physical realm of the living.
In the spirit of D&D, one might even say that they live on another plane of existence. Here is a couple of links to the people I speak of:
Silly, silly people.

Rant ended.
So what do you flargasnheimer on?

Video unrelated to rant. It was so awesome I had to post it here.

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