Friday, January 21, 2011


Ok. So my studies have begun with full force, and I have less spare time to blog and mess about on the internets. You see, LAST semester was a semester of fun and mucking about in hyperspace, whereas NOW is a semester of seriousness and lectures I actually have to pay attention!
This leaves little time for fun. But knowing myself as I know myself, I probably will find a way... Probably through other peoples fun... like the youtubers that continually prove to us that they neither have, nor want a life, but lives through the attention we give them.

Enter: "the Gradual Report".

One of my favorite youtube shows, mostly because of its total randomness. Shortly described the show is driven by a stand up comedian by the name of Danny, Daniel or "Muhmuhmuh" as he sometimes calls himself.
The theme is pretty good. The idea is "having a report on nearly anything". This means that he takes requests from his audience or just random stuff that he comes to think about. Usually it starts with someone asking him "Danny: Where does babies come from?", and him being as awesome as he is, answers it as funnily as he possibly can.

He has just over 500 videos up now, and are continually uploading more every second day. Here is one example from one of his most popular videos (6 000 000 ++ hits):

And here is the link to more of his videos.

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