Monday, January 24, 2011

Numerical value in the social system

Economics is a area within the social science that we never could have done without. One might say that it is from economics that we draw any if not all relevant data we later use in our different studies. This is mostly true within all the different schools of social science. Except maybe the anthropological one... Though the funny thing about social science, is the fact that it does not require us to KNOW economics... just understand its basic function, history and its relevance in the other stuff that we are interested in. Like development; which of the three European economic schools is best equipped to further the understanding of development?
Like I said. I do not have to understand the math, just the theoretical point of view. Which pisses me somewhat off.
My studies does not require math, so the fact that I lack the training, the skill and the interest does not influence my studies in the slightest, in any way, but I would still say that the fundamental skills necessary to work with economics should be required of any student of social science.
We do get some introduction to statistics though, the fundamental tool we use to make something similar to conclusions.
Its not that I want math or economics in my studies, its just that I feel that they are necessary anyway. Its like a professor who does know how to teach. All students know what its like to have a professor who is more interested in their work than in teaching their students anything, thus giving extremely bad lectures. And if there exists students out there who does not have this experience, they are either fools or just lucky beyond measure. In my opinion everyone who wants to obtain a Doctrate should meet some teaching standards. Just like every student of social science should know basic economics.

There are many wrong things in this world, but the major challenge of any state (in my opinion) is the educational system. It can always become better. Even in Finland where the teachers are actually revered in the social scale.

Today is monday! This was the rant! Have a nice day, and I like your face!

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