Sunday, December 19, 2010

Such a good couple of days

So now its goodbye and farewell to this chapter of my life.
My 5-6 months in the US are up, and I´m heading home wards to the North! It was a shame that I forgot my camera at home when we were out and had the last party, because it was awesome, so I have to compensate with some other, more random photographs instead.
And a list! I have a list for you! Lists are always win.

OK. So this is the top 10 list of what I have learned while here in Berkeley:
1. The grading inflation (good grades) is not a myth, but true.
2. Ambulances have a tendency to wake you up 6 in the morning, even though its obviously not a crisis.
3. The Internet is no joke.
4. American people are both generous, happy and interesting in general.
5. 50% of the homeless people (or maybe more) have some sort of mental disorder.
6. The food is cheaper like take-away. Generally good too, though not as interesting as other countries.
7. Most Sushi places has "all you can eat"- features.
8. The lectures here are really good.
9. Always leave a tip, but not more than 10%, unless you are feeling generous.
10. The women are both beautiful and hot... in general ;)

 This was the moment I realized that I was done with everything. So naturally I had to document it. At this point it was 3 days left in Berkeley. Now its less than 2 hours.

Pedros! A Brazilian little street-restaurant on the block where I lived. Greatest sandwich in Berkeley.

Something old that we found in our fridge. Can you guess what it is? Because we couldn´t.

New York. I understand now why everyone I talked to (who had been to the US before I had) all said: "You have to go to New York!"
When I´m coming back to the US this is the first place I´m going to stop by. After that its Oregon for some reason.

Castro. Awesome place to just walk around and look at things and people. If you had to visit one place whine in San Fransisco, this is it.

Sather Tower in the middle of campus. Most of my lectures were directly behind it. Beautiful in the summer.

So that was my last report while being in Berkeley. I´m probably going to write one more about Miami, while I´m there. After that I´m back home, so it will be less talk about places and more about other stuff. Maybe I should do a report about Oslo? If you feel I should do that, leave a comment.

But yeah! That's it! Now its off to the airport and take some pictures of random people, stressing around! Have a good pre-Xmass!

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efisabeth said...

Peeeter! Jeg trodde ikke du dro før på tirsdag! Sååå... God tur til Miami. God jul. Godt nyttår. God tur til Norge. Godt semester ved Blindern. God... Hmm! Jajaja!